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~Saturday morning~

I decided to wake up early to tidy up my room a bit before Dahvie came over. And I won't lie, another part of getting up early was to make sure I looked my best, without looking like I tried to hard. I guess you could say I had a tiny crush on Dahvie. Though nothing much yet, I mean, I only met him two days ago.

Yesterday, we finished the majority of our project in class. Unlike everyone else in the class, we didn't have much to talk about other than a few topics that quickly diminished from both of us being incredibly shy. I'm not as shy as him, however, but I could still feel the awkward tension in the air. It didn't help that I was trying my hardest not to mess anything up, or say anything wrong.

Currently, it was 11:30 in the morning. Dahvie is supposed to show up around 3pm. This gives me plenty of time to get ready. I hopped in the shower, slowly scrubbing my body in the almost too hot water. I've always loved showers, they're just so relaxing, and I can get a lot of thinking done in here too. Todays topic, you guessed it, Dahvie. No, not in 'that' way. He's definitely my type though, but there's a good chance I'm not his. He's so shy that even if I was his type (like that'd ever happen), he'd never make a move or even let me make it myself. I guess he's practically put up a shield from letting anyone get to him, which I've noticed even in the short time we've talked.

After about 25 minutes, I hoped out into the chilly air. I felt my body shudder, quickly grabbing the bulky towel and wrapping it around myself. I tucked in the corner so it'd stay put without me holding it so I could brush my teeth before walking back to my room to get dressed.

I decided on a tight red V-neck with a an equally tight black sweater over top. I chose some jeans that were usual to my attire, black with numerous rips accompanied by a silver studded belt. I gave myself a brief look in the mirror. I look pretty good, but not like I tried too hard. Perfect. Onto my hair and makeup.

I decided to go with my usual makeup, but spent a little extra time in making sure it was neat and both sides matched. Once that was done, I blow dried my hair and straightened it to frame my face. I glanced over my face and hair, giving small touch ups where needed. By the time I was finished all this, it was just about 2pm. I sighed, there really wasn't much else to do. I'd already cleaned my room, and I have nothing else I could really do with my appearance. I groaned, checking my phone. One new message? I never get texts. Hastily, I went to my messages, not recognizing the number. I hesitantly clicked it, but was met with a nice surprise.

"Hey Jayy, it's Dahvie. I got your number from Facebook, if you were wondering. I just needed to know what time to be picked up and what I needed to bring. I probably should've asked yesterday, but I forgot. Sorry."

I sighed, telling him the details. My mom said he should probably leave around 9pm, though it didn't really matter to her. She's usually pretty laid back when it comes to this kind of thing, seeing as I barely have anyone over. I have a few friends, Haley and Andrew, but they live about half an hour away, and are usually busy. I haven't seen or talked to them in awhile, maybe I'll text them while I wait for Dahvie to arrive.  


I blankly stared at the time on my phone, seeing it change to 3pm. Dahvie will be here soon, I thought to myself. I brought a bowl of chips and a couple cans of soda up to my room for a snack, just so I could save time from having to get anything. I continued watching the time, tugging on the loose strings on my tattered jeans, one of my many habits.

About ten minutes later, I heard a faint knock at the front door. I jumped off my bed, near running to the door. Somehow, my mom beat me there, smiling and waving to someone who most likely was Dahvie's mom.

"Come on in," she said to Dahvie in her normal, cheery voice. "Just take your shoes off and put them to the side. Jayy will show you to his room. Let me know if you guys need anything."

I smiled at Dahvie once my mom had walked back to the living room. He blushed walking up next to me. "So," he began weakly. "Sh-should we go get started?"

"Yeah, sure, follow me."

I lead him to my room, flipping on the light switch. I looked over to him, noticing his blush had still remained. He seems to be always blushing. I guess he's just shy? I shrugged it off, moving to my bed and sitting down.

"Just put your stuff where ever and come sit, might as well get started." He put his bag and jacket down, pulling out a binder and a pen. He walked over to the bed, but stopped looking hesitant.

"Where do I sit?" He looked like a scared kitten. I will admit I have a small bed, but there was still room for him to sit next to me. I moved over, patting the spot next to me.

"Right here." He nodded, sitting far away and nearly falling off. He must really hate being close to people. "You can sit closer if you want, you know. I won't bite."

We both laughed, and he came close enough that our shoulders touched and just faintly, so did our legs. He looked away uneasily, grabbing his binder and getting out our project. Sighing, I grabbed my pencil and began to help finish the project.

~One hour later~

We had completely finished our project in under an hour, seeing as we were practically finished most of it already. I'd say we're going to get a pretty good mark. We make a great team, Dahvie and I. However, seeing as we were completely done, we had about five more hours until he had to leave, and absolutely nothing to do.

"What should we do?" He asked, twirling his long black hair around his finger.

"Want to watch a movie, play video games, uhh," I tried to think of something. "Just talk?"

"I guess we could watch a movie," he shrugged.

"What do you want to watch?" He shrugged again. "Let's go to the living room and pick one."

He got off the bed and followed me. I expected to see my mom in here, watching one of her shows. It surprised me to see she wasn't here, but when I heard the shower running I knew where she was. I smiled at Dahvie who looked like a lost puppy as he followed closely behind me. I grabbed his hand lightly, making him jump again like when I hugged him.

"Sorry, I keep doing that." I took my hand back and looked away from him.

Suddenly, I felt a cold hand grab my own.

"It's ok, you just surprised me," he smiled, his cheeks filling with a color that was darker than all the other times.

I looked at him, confusion and shock and questions just echoing through my mind. I shook my head, I think too much. He wouldn't actually like me...

Would he?
So yes, chapter two. I wasn't supposed to upload yet but whatever.

You see the plot thickening? OHHH.

Next chapter things will get cute, and then a little bit more will happen. You shall see. Probably going to be a lot of chapters, so don't leave me. They'll get better don't worry!
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