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Under Your Spell Ch. 6 :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 5 4
Mature content
Under Your Spell Ch. 5 :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 11 4
Mature content
Under Your Spell Ch. 4 :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 5 2
Mature content
Under Your Spell Ch. 3 :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 6 0
Mature content
Under Your Spell Ch. 2 :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 6 9
Mature content
Under Your Spell Ch. 1 :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 12 15
Birthday Special
"Happy Birthday dear Dahvie, happy birthday to you!" They all sang around me, cheering. Then Jayy and Haley ran forward while I was blowing out the candles, shoving the whole thing in my face. Everyone erupted into laughter as I stood covered in cake.
"I'll get you for this!" I shouted, chasing them both down the stairs. As soon as we got near the pool I tackled Jayy into it, creating a girly scream from him before a loud splash.
We surfaced, only to continue splashing each other and also Haley who was doubled over beside the pool laughing. Ah, my birthdays are always like this. Full of fun and nothing but good times.
After I had put some new clothes on, re-did my makeup, and dried my hair, I joined everyone once again outside on the deck. Drew was cooking something on the barbeque, drink in hand. He obviously was not paying attention to what he was doing, talking to a group of people.
I walked through the crowd of maybe fifty people, until I could get to where I suspected Jayy would
:iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 50 29
Forbidden Final Chapter
~One week later (Friday Afternoon)~
Finally, after one long week of being grounded, I finally was allowed to have Dahvie over. He went to school today, and it was the first time I got to see him since that one night. It was like one of those romantic movies, you know, the two don't see each other for awhile and once they meet eyes they run and jump into each others arms, then kiss deeply. I mean, it wasn't exactly like that, it was much more discrete of course. After school we walked together to my house, which is where we are now, silently laying on my bed lost in our own thoughts.
I hear him sigh on the other side as he stares at the ceiling, idly playing with his long dark hair.
"What's up?" I ask, sitting up and facing him.
"Huh? Nothing, just thinking," he says, sighing again at the end.
I eye him suspiciously, "thinking about what?"
He pulls himself up to sit up straight and shrugs. "I don't know everything. The future. Us. Just everything. Like what will I be doing in ten years?
:iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 27 19
Mature content
Forbidden Chapter Ten :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 17 19
Mature content
Forbidden Chapter Nine :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 17 15
Forbidden Chapter Eight
We walked inside quietly so his mom wouldn't know I was here.
"Mom I'm home!" Dahvie yelled from downstairs.
"I need to talk to you about what happened at school today," she shouted back, obviously pissed off by what had happened.
"Can I change and take a shower first? I got caught in the rain and I'm soaked."
There was a loud sigh from upstairs. "Fine, but hurry up. Your father and I would like to discuss this with you."
Dahvie yelled 'okay' before grinning and hugging me. We walked to the bathroom, where he tossed me a towel.
"I can put your clothes in the dryer if you'd like, it'll only take twenty minutes," he offered, taking off his sweater and throwing it into the empty hamper.
"Thanks, but, what will I wear while they're drying?" I blushed, feeling a tad bit awkward. Why, I have no idea. Isn't this what I want? To have minimal clothes on with Dahvie?
"Heh, guess nothing," he smirked, blushing madly.
He removed his shirt, watching me, giving me a look that told me to do so as wel
:iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 23 4
Forbidden Chapter Seven
"Jayy, the principle would like to see you now."
I had been waiting in the office for about 45 minutes now. I'm the last person to be talked to, having to sit and listen to the five guys try to plan their lie. We were supposed to be quiet, but obviously they weren't going to listen. The secretary didn't even tell them to be quiet, but I did notice she listened to all that they said and took some notes. They weren't going to get away with their lies.
Dahvie was the first to be talked to, then them, and now me. I walked quietly into the principles office, closing the heavy door behind me. Mrs. Mitchell smiled as I walked over to the small metal chair in front of her desk. She wore a light pink blazer with a matching skirt. Her hair was in a tight bun. I'd say she was in her mid 50's, her hair was dark brown with a few grey strands that stuck out against the brown. Her face also showed her age, a few wrinkles by her eyes and mouth. I knew she was a kind woman, her silver eyes showing noth
:iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 21 7
Mature content
Forbidden Chapter Six :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 19 14
Forbidden Chapter Five
"So, can we talk?"
I sat down on his bed, clenching the dark violet sheets. I'm so scared. My palms are sweating, well actually, pretty much everything is sweating. I mean, I'm about to ask him to be my boyfriend without even a clue to whether he likes guys, let alone me.
He sat down next to me, grabbing my hand. It's not a big deal, really, he does it all the time. All the same, I still blushed. I wish even just holding hands meant something to him, but to him it's just a friendly gesture. I guess he assumes that's why I do it, but he's wrong. So wrong.
"Yeah, what's up?" He asked cheerfully.
UGH. I can't do it! "Actually i-it can wait."
He squeezed my hand, then turned to face me. He looked concerned. "Jayy, you wanted to talk, why not just do it now?"
"No, no it's ok. It's not important, really," god I'm such a wuss. I have to do  it but... what if he freaks out? If he doesn't like me, this is going to backfire badly. I don't think he'd ever stop being my friend, but that doesn
:iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 24 22
Forbidden Chapter Four
~Two weeks after that night~
You ever get the feeling that maybe you should slow down, wait a bit, but at the same time you just can't wait any longer? You don't want to risk anything by going quickly, but don't want to risk anything by going slow? Is it bad or good to wait? You don't want to wait, lose your chance, chicken out, never know what could've been. You just want to do it now and get it over with. However, that feeling stays put in the back of your mind that things don't always go as planned and you should just watch as everything gets laid out for you. But you're impatient. So many questions run through your mind. Finally, you decide to just go for it, risk everything for all. Well, that's me, at this very moment.
I stood anxiously outside the decrepit house, still holding on to the feeling of 'new' with it's freshly cut grass and just as freshly painted window trimming. It was most likely a good hundred years old, or it looked that way. It just had that feel to it. The side
:iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 24 16
Matching Tattoos by princessofthedaaark Matching Tattoos :iconprincessofthedaaark:princessofthedaaark 28 10



you know, i honestly hate to say it. 
but i think i've outgrown my fangirl faze. 
so I'm not sure if i'll continue the story or not. 
but i do miss getting the comments and things.


i live on twitter.


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