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February 10, 2013
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*beep beep beep*

I groaned as I slapped the source of the most annoying sound known to man. I hate mornings so much. Rolling over, I tossed my blanket over my head, beginning to drift back asleep.

"Jayy," I hear a voice a few minutes later. "Jayy, honey, wake up. You're going to be late for school."

"I don't want to go," I whined, curling up into a ball and hiding my face even more into my pillows. I heard a sigh before I was surrounded by cool air and blinding light.

"You'll get up right now or you'll never see your precious phone again."

"Fine, no one talks to me anyways," I argued, grabbing my pillow and placing it over my head. It didn't last long before that too was snatched off of me.

"You're always doing something on your phone, with those things in your ears. If you want to keep them, then I suggest you get up this instant." Rolling over, I looked at my mom, her hands were on her hips. She didn't look too pleased.

"Ugh, fine. Just five more minutes."

"Now, Jeremy." Shit. She never uses my actual name, unless she's pissed.

Sitting up, I uttered an irritated 'fine' before walking past her and into the bathroom. I began getting ready for another day in hell.

~At school~

"We have a new student today, class. Dahvie, come on up and tell us a little about yourself."

The whole class turned as a short boy began moving to the front of the class. His hair covered his face in long black and blue strands. His arms hugged his stomach as he shuffled to the front of the class. He reminded me of myself. Shy, awkward, and definitely different from the rest. Just like me, he had dark, unnaturally dyed hair. He wore mostly black, just like I do, with a studded belt. His shoes were covered in spikes, and he wore a Marilyn Manson t-shirt. Though I was happy to finally have someone like me at my school, I was a bit worried. If he was like me, there's a good chance he would be bullied. I sighed as he finally reached the front of the room, looking like at any second he'd expect us all to attack him.

"Uh... M-my name is Dahvie Vanity. I just moved here last week and uhm... T-that's really all there is to say." His hair still covered his face as he spoke those few words so quietly I'd bet the back hadn't even heard him.

"There's nothing else you can tell us?" Dahvie shook his head. "Why did you move here?"

"Well, my dad has a job here and we just got enough money to move here. A-and also I was bullied a lot in my old school..." My heart sank as I heard him say that. I hate hearing people have gone through that, especially because I know firsthand what it's like.

"Well don't worry Dahvie, there's tons of nice kids in this school." Yeah, 'nice'. "I'm sure you'll make friends in no time."

He walked quickly from the front and back to his desk. I saw a few kids give each other glances, laughing. Bitches. God, I hate the kids in my school. Peering over at Dahvie, I saw him rest his hand on his desk. Finally, he brushed his hair out his face for just a second. From what I saw, he was pretty cute, and also somewhat upset. I felt so bad for him, I know what it's like to feel like everyone hates you.

"Ok so class, since we're starting a new unit, I figured that doing a project would help to jumpstart it. You're going to have to design your own organism, and explain how it'd survive in any environment you'd like. Except your environment has to be an odd one, for example a garbage can. Anyways," he pointed towards me. "Would you hand these out? Thanks."

He handed me a stack of paper, and continued talking. "You'll each need to find a partner. I'm only giving you today's class, then after that its your time. You have tomorrow and all weekend anyways. Today you should plan everything out, over the weekend is all designing and perfecting. Which means, you'll have to go to someone's house, so pick someone that you'd be able to go with."

What?! Nearly everyone in this class hates me! I continued handing out paper, until I reached Dahvie. I placed the sheet on his desk, startling him a bit.

"T-thanks," he stuttered, glancing up at me. I saw his entire face for the first time. His eyes were a dark brown, surrounded by dark eye shadow and a thin line of eye liner. He wears makeup, just like me, though he wore quite a bit more. His face was pale, though his cheeks were a dark red. They were also painted with two black stripes in the middle that matched two on his chin. His lips were plump and darkened with purple lipstick. Though others found it weird, I found it quite attractive. This new kid is pretty cute, I must admit.

Coming back to reality, I smiled down to him. He smiled a bit back, but quickly sat back again, letting his hair cover his face. Suddenly, inspiration hit me.

"Hey, Dahvie?" I placed my hand on the back of my neck, awkwardly swaying a bit on my feet.


"Would you like to be my partner for the project?"

"Sure." He smiled up at me, revealing his face once again. I couldn't help but feel my heart beat a bit faster at his thankful expression. "W-what's your name?"

"My names Jayy, nice to meet you Dahvie."

We grinned shyly at each other again before I made my way back to my desk. Glancing over my shoulder, I caught Dahvie looking at me. He blushed looking back down to his desk, pretending to read the assignment. I chuckled, leaning back in my chair. I wonder what classes I'll have with him?

~End of class~

We learned a lot about each other in the short time we spent figuring out our project. Much to my disappointment, that was the only class we had together this semester. Oh, well. I'm just glad I get to spend my Saturday with him. It turns out we have a lot in common. He's 18, and I'm 16. He got held back a grade in grade 9 when bullying got so bad his grades dropped severely. When he told me that, I leaned into him and gave him a tight hug, immediately flinching at the contact.

"S-sorry, Dahvie," I had said. "I just wanted to hug you."

"It's ok, sorry. I'm just not used to it I guess," he blushed, rubbing his arm slightly at  the awkwardness. I felt terrible, and thought about giving him a hug to make it better. Good thing I got some sense in me, remembering what just happened. I swear I have the worst memory ever.

After that little mishap, we sat in silence before I decided to bring up a happier topic. In the end, I found out he was actually a really nice guy. I found him quite charming, in fact. If you couldn't tell by now, I'm not into girls. Shocking, right? The quite boy who wears makeup, piercings, perfectly dyed and styled hair, and a style that's considered 'emo' by the people in my school. It's a stereotype, I know. No one knows that I'm gay, though they still tease me about it.

And that brings me to my next question. Through all our pointless conversations, I noticed we had a lot in common, besides appearance. We have the same music taste, we both like the same movies, TV shows, and stuff like that. We both have dreams of becoming musicians, going to concerts, and devoting our lives to music. Basically, I'd say we were the same people. So, could that mean..?

No, of course not! I mean, luck never goes my way. Sure, I did have some luck finally finding someone like me. But that's probably as far as it'll go, much to my displeasure. He really seems like a sweet, funny, caring person.


Lunch time! Finally! I thought my stomach was going to devour itself before I got the chance to eat anything. I knew I shouldn't have skipped breakfast this morning.

I brought my own lunch to avoid the absurdly long line up. The food was shit here anyways. Like usual, I sat alone at the table nearest the bathrooms. I don't like sitting here, but it's usually the only empty table. I'll take what I can get.

I sat down, pulling out the sandwich my mom made me. She always makes my lunches, telling me she likes to pretend I'm 'still her little baby'. Which I guess I don't mind, it gives me extra time in the morning. Just as I was about to take a bite, I saw a dark figure approach me.

"C-can I sit with you?" I heard his soft voice stutter next to me.

"Of course," I replied, finally taking the bite. My stomach growled in approval.

Dahvie took a seat in front of me, placing a small brown bag on the table. "Thanks," he blushed.

"How was your other class?"

"It was okay, I didn't fit in obviously. People kept giving me strange looks, I hate it," he sighed, pulling out his own sandwich.  

"Yeah, people in this school are pretty harsh. Trust me, I know."

There was a long silence as we ate, neither of us having any idea what to say next. I could tell he still felt out of place, much like I do almost every single day.

"Don't worry, I'll be your friend," I smiled, glancing up only for a split second. I didn't want to make this anymore awkward than it already was.

"Thanks," he uttered, blushing darkly and casting his eyes to the floor.

We sat once again in silence until we heard the bell ring. We hastily cleaned up our food, walking together out of the cafeteria.

"So, see you tomorrow?" He stood in front of me, slightly swaying on his feet.

"Yeah, of course. And don't forget to ask to stay the night at my house for our project," I reminded him. He nodded his head rapidly before turning away to go to his next class. Just before he walked away I saw what I thought was a dark blush accompanied by a wide grin. I shrugged it off, and made my way to my next class.
So, hopefully everyone who reads this reads the description.

First of all; don't hate me for their age. I wanted them to be in the same class, so their ages had to be close. I've been reading so many stories where they're in high school, and I really liked them. OK. This is just a made up story after all, for enjoyment. Not everything has to be accurate. Besides, what Jahvie is accurate? Exactly.

Second; First few chapters will be boring. SORRY. But the story will get interesting.. Eventually. Bare with me. They can't be exciting right away. Chapter one is really meant to set up the plot and characters. Chapter two is also to build the plot. Chapter 3.. I haven't wrote it, but you'll see the plot thicken and hopefully everyone will continue reading. JUST BARE WITH ME.

Also, leave suggestions for a title. I want a good one. I suck at titles... But it'll be difficult to think of one since you don't know what the story is about. well.

*fun fact* the project they're doing, I just happen to be doing the exact one. I'm so original.
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